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The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis -
Channel4 Documentary
Self-Shooting Producer/Director

Alex Lewis, father-of-one, came down with a common cold in November 2013. The cold, that would cause but a sore throat in anyone else, quickly developed into septicaemia and toxic shock syndrome. This unfortunate and extremely rare condition caused Alex’s organs to shut down and he spent a week in a coma in intensive care. The powerful deadly bug had a devastating effect. Alex lost both legs and both arms. He also lost part of his nose and lips as doctors fought to save him.  Against all the odds – Alex was given less than three per cent chances of survival – he came through and the 34-year-old was finally able to return home to Stockbridge, UK, to his family.


Filmed over 2 years, and from just a few days after he lost his last limb, the film follows Alex’s journey from the start of his long recovery and his fight to get his life back.  He wants to be independent and to be able to walk, work and care for his partner and child again. But Alex could have never imagined that the changes would not just be restricted to his mobility. The biggest challenge he faces is how to relate emotionally with his wife, his four-year-old son and to himself. He needs to re-present himself to the people he loves and the person that he no longer recognises when he looks in the mirror


Alex’s story is tragic. A common cold cost a good-looking, young man, with his best years ahead, all his limbs and part of his face. This film though is as much about him rebuilding his life as it is about him rebuilding his body, we witness a man regaining his personality, perseverance and identity as a father and husband. It’s a story about fighting for, not following, your dreams.

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